Monday, April 6, 2009

Taekwon-doist of the Week #4

Name : Loh Xiu Ming

Age : 13

Profession :

Grade in TKD : 2nd Degree Black Belt

Write-up on TKD : I started taekwon-do when I was only 6 years old. I learn taekwon-do because I wanted to know how to protect myself.I wanted to learn taekwon-do because I felt very impressed after watching some taekwon-do champions show off their special technique. I was actually training taekwon-do in another place then I changed to the instruction of Mr. Chen Mun Kit. After a while, I enjoyed taekwon-do really much. I actually wanted to stop taekwon-do after I got my 1st Dan but after a while, i decided to continue taekwon-do due to the fun of learning it.Until now, I never regretted my decision to continue taekwon-do. I have sustained some injuries during training but I still like taekwon-do. I feel that taekwon-do is a great sport. I have learned many valuable things and also learned to be a better person Taekwon-do has brought me closer with old friends and to know new ones as well. I am currently learning how to teach juniors. It has also help me to exposed myself to the public. For all those juniors, if anyone of you wants to be a black belt, you must train hard. I hope ITF can be known to all. I also hope that all newcomers will not hesitate to join ITF especially to join my instructor's class (give little bit credit to him too)

I also would like to thank Mr Chen, Mr Wan, Miss Chow, Mr Poh Keng Chong and all my taekwon-do friends. Thanks for all the encouragement !!!!!!!!!!
See all of you soon. (^_^)

Xiu Ming with his favourite protege, Melvin Leong (:p)

Xiu Ming teaching yellow tippers how to perform a walking stance lower forearm block.

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