Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not quite about TKD, but also about TKD ..... confusing title XD

I attended a wedding dinner at Super Tanker Restaurant (Kota Damansara). The food was fantastic, unfortunately it was not like Ipoh wedding dinners where they start on time. The dinner was supposed to start at 7:30pm, but the first dish came at 9:30pm. OMG! But that's besides the point. I am writing about it as it has something to do with TKD. I was fortunate (or maybe unfortunate enough, depending on how you see it) to be seated next to a very famous TKD master. Wow! He looked just like any ordinary old man to me. His name is Master Andy Yuen. As food came in real late, the whole table had to endure his life stories for quite some time. Haha. I did enjoy some part of it. Apparently, he's even more senior than our very own Master Azwan Khoo. Wow! Talk about seniority. He's one of the pioneers of TKD in Malaysia and the world, and he was a World Champion.

Since he enjoyed talking so much about his life, I might as well enjoy listening. He did make sense, talking about the students nowadays, being too pampered. The way they used to train back in the olden days would basically scare off all students. One thing he mentioned and struck my mind was the emphasis on the SPORT aspect and competition. I agree that sometimes we get carried away with the SPORT aspect, always preparing students to WIN at competitions, but we've totally forgotten about the Martial Art aspect of it.....self-defence. That sort of like rang a bell in my head. From now on, I want to strike a balance between SPORT and MARTIAL ART. I shall include more of the martial art part in my trainings for my students. Part of it is also because a dear student of mine (you know who you are *wink* ps: she doesn't want me to disclose her identity) recently told me that she doesn't feel that she can defend herself in the event that she's being attacked. My sincere gratitude for reminding me :) And thank you Master Andy Yuen. Your stories have inspired me.


The restaurant where I met Master Andy Yuen

This is one ugly fish, called a rock fish. Who'd like to eat it? XD

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