Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taekwon-doist of the Week #3

Name : Audrey Chan Chu Sien

Age : 15+

Profession :
Student cum Dancer

Grade in TKD : Green Belt and moving on :)

Write-up on TKD : I started TKD last year, yeah, around August or September i think. I decided to join TKD because last year TKD was classified as a uniform body in my school, and i needed to join a uniform body which do not require marching/outdoors sun-burning activities. TKD was the best choice because my dad encourages me to join TKD too. In fact, he wanted me to learn TKD since long time ago. He thought by learning TKD i will be able to defend myself when neccesary. I didn't learn TKD last time when my dad insisted me to join when i was young because i always thought that TKD is just terbalik from ballet. Ballet is so soft and graceful while TKD is totally not. When i just started TKD i was always scared that i will be used to the TKD styles and will affect my posture in ballet. HAHA. really la, not joking. =P . so, yeah, but now i loveee TKD. its fun . MUAHAHA. although i'm always scared of free sparring. but its the most important part of TKD. to train us to use what we've learnt? haha. so lastly, i need to thank my best friend amy aka snail girl to pull me in and learn TKD with her. last but not least, my handsome instructor (CMK: oooh la la! haha) which is the owner of the blog, Mr Chen Mun Kit. thanks for all the teaching and LECTURING. (always say i kill taufoo) ish. LOL. okay i still remember what he said

" when people ask you HOW ARE YOU, dont say you are fine. If you are JUST FINE then what about the handicapped? "

"so u must always say FANTASTIC when people ask you the question. "

"next time whoever answers me "fine" will have to push up 50 times! "

muahaha. thats him. evil rite. =P !

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