Friday, March 27, 2009

Taekwon-doist of the Week #2

This week, we'll have not one, but TWO Taekwondoist featured in Taekwondoist of the Week to make up for the missing article last week. Hurray! :) First one here's my buddy. Read on! And by the way, he's SINGLE and AVAILABLE. :P

Name :
Poh Keng Chong

Age : 25

Profession :
Postgraduate Student

Grade in TKD : 3rd Degree Black Belt

Write-up on TKD : Hi, I started my taekwon-do ITF training when i was in Standard 4. That time I joined just to have fun with friends. Later, I stopped my training for study purposes. This goes on and off for me until finally I was determined to get a black belt. After that, I didn't turn back...Soon after I got my black belt, I was REALLY exposed to the real ART OF TAEKWON-DO. I started to become an Assistant Instructor under my instructor, Mr. Colan Kong. He was an inspiring person. From the Taekwon-do culture, apart from learning the Art of Self Defence, I've also learned many things and that's how I've become the person that I am now. It changed me to become a more disciplined, patient, dedicated and self controlled person. Since I've become a member and as well as an instructor in Kelab Taekwon-do Visi, it gives me the opportunity to learn more and to build myself to be a better person. Thanks to Mr. Chen for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Here, I would also like to pay my gratitude to all my fellow comrades, Mr. Colan Kong, Mr. Sitt, Mr Chen, Mr.Wan and others. Also my fellow
students in SMK POI LAM , SMK YUK CHOY and Tapian Gelanggang Ipoh. Thanks for all the support and encouragements. you are all
the best!!! long life ITF !!! aza aza fighting!!

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