Sunday, July 4, 2010

Self Defence Talk @ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

3 July 2010 - I received a last minute invitation to do a short self defence talk in a church (cool! :) ). As it's only a 1-hour session, there was nothing much that they can learn. I had to plan what to teach so that they can get as much as possible out of the session. 10 of the church members participated in the session and they were so nice and fun, with people of all age groups.

It started with a brief introduction on Taekwon-do, and then some streetwise advice, then it was warming up and hands-on for the participants, learning how to do basic strikes and front snap kick (Apcha Busigi). Basic release techniques were also taught to the participants. The participants "graduated" from the course by applying their strikes onto the reusable board. All of them broke the board! Bravo! :) Finally, the course ended with a Q&A session, group photo taking and dinner.

It was a very good experience for me as it was the first time I was teaching in a Holy place. I remember this quote from the recent National Instructors Seminar...."A Good Instructor Can Teach Anytime, Anywhere".

Both trainers and trainees had an enjoyable time and learned a lot from each other.

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Group pic :)

Learning how to throw a punch

This beautiful girl can pack a punch :)

So does this one! :)

Don't mess with these ladies!

An introduction on Taekwon-do

Trainers demonstrating Jayu Matsogi (Free-Sparring)

Keng Chong leading the warm-up session

Demonstrating a punch

Looks like a scene from Matrix?

An Elder blocking my Side Kick


Demonstrating a release technique

Flying Front Kick by Keng Chong

A Graduation Palm Strike (She broke it!)

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