Monday, July 19, 2010

Kejohanan Taekwon-do Antara Sekolah-sekolah Negeri Perak 2010

To begin with, as usual every year, we gathered at Main gym early morning at 5am. All seems happy and excited rather than sleepy. After taking fellow participants' attendance, we departed right on schedule at 6am. Total of 132 participants and umpires from Ipoh itself participated this year.

At 8.40am, we reached the venue, SMK Dato' Haji Hussain. While the Team Managers are busy settling the participants particulars and payments, the members are getting dressed up and started warming up. Later there was a short briefing for the Umpires and Team Managers.

At about 9.30am, the events started. All the members were sorted out evenly based on their grades and age group.
First event was the Pattern Category. Some members performed very well, some have nervous breakdowns thus forgotten their pattern as well.

Right about 11.30am, the tournament was put to a halt to give way for the Opening Ceremony by the VIPs. The Perak Kejohanan Sukan Mempertahankan Diri 2010 Team was requested to give a short demonstration for the VIPs. Although it was a short one, the Masters are pleased and VIPs are fascinated about what Taekwon-do is all about. "Short & Simple, very nice!" a short quote from our Master Azwan Khoo itself says it all. Well down for the Perak Team!

After Lunch break, Free-sparring event took place. Participants were giving their all to score as much points as possible to win the match. Cheers and Roars can me heard from all over the hall as each school cheers for their own team members. Adrenaline pumping action come to the peak during the final matches. Cheers when one scores, Boos can be heard when fouls was committed. the scene was like the WorldCup Final live! but without the vuvuzelas. =D

The tournament ended around 7.45pm. Organisers were busy giving out medals to the winners. Everyone screams as our Ipoh SMK YUK CHOY was announce as the Overall Champion with 13 GOLD MEDALS! Kudos to them!

Finally we got back from Selama and reach Ipoh at around 12am. Although everyone was tired, sweat and bruises everywhere, but we can definitely see the team spirits in everyone...the true spirit of Taekwon-do. Cheers and Congrats to all!! See you again next year!

Signing off,

Vice Chairman of Kelab Taekwon-do Visi

SMK Poi Lam participants

Lim Jiun Bing from KTV wins the match

Participants impatiently waiting for their turn

Free-sparring bout

Female patterns finals....3 of them are from KTV...wheee

A nice bandae dollyo chagi from Selama participant

Demonstration by Perak Team

Opening ceremony

SMK Ave Maria Convent participants

Amy Chua from SMK AMC

Overall Champion of the Day...SMK Yuk Choy

Medal winners from SMK Yuk Choy Suwa

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