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National Instructor and Umpire Course 2010

19 & 20 June 2010 - International Taekwon-do Federation Malaysia (ITFM) organized a National Instructor and Umpire Course at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Genting Highlands. Around 140 black belts from around Malaysia attended the course with very interesting subjects taught by Masters and Senior Instructors. Among the topics taught were Fundamental techniques, Umpiring, First Aid, Fitness, Nutrition, Moral Culture and How to be a Good Instructor. Approximately 50 black belts were from Persatuan Taekwon-do Negeri Perak (ITF). Everybody had an enjoyable trip and learned a lot.

On the second day, a special meeting was arranged by Senior Master Tan Chek Si for all 4th Degrees and above to discuss on the future direction of ITFM. Many instructors spoke from their hearts for the benefit of ITFM and all the members. This is the first time such a meeting was held and it feels great knowing ITFM has a vision to improve for the better.

Perak Team Pattern Champions :)

4th, 5th & 6th Degree :)

Group Photo

Perak State Participants

As you can see, Ipoh is famous for handsome guys and pretty ladies :P

Master Azwan Khoo giving instructions

Too many Ip Man wannabes :)

Senior Master Tan Chek Si teaching.

Got our shoulder patches :)

Ipoh team crazy shot! >.<

Perak team pattern demonstration

Below are some comments from the people who attended the course. I only asked them to write below 30 words but they got too carried away and some even wrote a few paragraphs :)

Poh Keng Chong III - I enjoy the tkd environment where all our team mates and martial artist and instructors from other states join up together not because of tournament but for sharing of knowledge. FUN!!!!!bI like Master Chan Kum Lau session where he teaches us the way of life of Taekwon-do, how to respect and to earn respect, how TKD influences a person's life. =D

Khit Kar Hui I - I like what our perak team owns. The spirit that i've never felt before and the passion that enlights everyone. This is truly a nice and unforgettable course! Thanks to many sirs for helping juniors(including me) when we need help :) CHeErs!!$%!

Har Hor Kar III - I like the spirit, passion, commitment and interactions of all members from ITFM! I find the course useful and practical for us. A memorable one.

Khit Kar Yee II - well,first of all,it make us more unite,the bond between us is stronger =D
not only between ourselves but with other states also. Frankly, we only met other states member during tournament and we are fighting against each other, the feeling of meeting them back in a seminar is totally different and secondly,it's practical,those masters are willing to come and share their experience with us which I think is useful for youth like us. Though genting got nothing special, but we had fun, cause we are together =)

Alex Khor II - The passion you feel, listening to the masters speak. That alone can tell you how deep a meaning the solitary word 'TAEKWON-DO' can mean to a certain individual. This art does not only draws out physical fitness in one, it ensures a better way of life. The art itself, being a disciplinarian, spits out bold individuals with absolute control over oneself. i understand now. i know this might sound to a load of bullcrap to some of you, and i agree myself. Its just that you cant help but to admire how some may spend hours up just to understand one single movement. I cannot interpret this. AT ALL. Anyhow, to people out there, you won't regret this. I promise you. It has to be wayyyyyy past the 30 word mark but yes, that is what i think.

Tan Aileen II - as for me, i think that i like the way all of us stick together to hav fun during seminar, n many masters were present to share their experience n views in taekwon-do. i even learn history of taekwon-do, n m proud to b part of something so YENG^^. other than that, this trip once again allowed me to feel how closely knitted we r, not only within our state, but also wif other states too! i m sure tis was wat general choi hong hi had in mind when he started to spread taekwon-do, that is for ppl to not only learn the art, but also form one HUGE FAMILY. m looking forward for more^^

Lee Ji Ching II - it was a great experience although some of the ideas had been tought by our own instructors.....these means ITF perak are on the right track in nurturing the future members of ITFM.....these kind of seminars should be treasured and appreciated as not onli can we socialise with experience seniors from othe...r states , we can also gain more and play more than usual! short! its COOL!

Lim Jeng Thau III - A special word of thanks I have to say,
the whole seminar certainly made my day.
Our days tend to be frenetic(always rushing around);p
Thank you all for the good times, the days you filled with pleasure.
Thank you for fond memories n for feelings I'll always treasure. thanks ITF PERAK for bringing me and made me wat am i today..

Hakimi Hassan I - Seminar ITFM mengajar kita bahawa masih banyak kita tidak tahu dalam ilmu Taekwondo walaupun bergelar Black Belt. Terasa rendah diri dan ilmu yang sangat sedikit berbanding dengan semua Senior dan Master. Go ITFM, I want to learn MORE and MORE and MORE...

As you can see, all comments are positive, so whatever you do, DO NOT MISS THE NEXT SEMINAR! :)

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