Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Testimonials for 2009 National Taekwon-do Championships Pt 2

These are quite long, but do read them all. Each word is from their HEARTS! :)

Ms Khit Kar Yee (Competitor)
"1st of all,thanks for giving me chance to participate in this national champs..i join quite late cause of some reason..

well,special thanks to our chief coach,chen mun kit..although we hav a very short time of training,we can still achieve this amazing result..bravo!!
our team manager,Poh keng chong aka PUNIA, trust me, taking care of a bunch of monkeys really a hard work,running here n there for us..thank you!!
not forgetting our supporters!! cheers all the way for perak, I can hear the supporters shouting "perak,perak" for every matches..thank you for the supporter,burning the spirit of the fighters..TOGETHER,WE ARE ONE!!
female coaches,chow sook wan, thank you for leading the female team!! we did a great job!!

we had a close fight with wilayah, and we almost achieve the overall champ..
There are tears and sweats,which make it unforgettable,get experience from failure,stand up from where u fall..don't blame yourself for not getting medals,u guys did your best,we can see it..
although we are the 1st runner up,but you guys are the champions for me..I'm proud to be perakian,proud of perak team!!

National champs,nez year,we will come again!! GO FOR GOLDS , PERAK!! "

Ms Wong Yan Kee (Supporter)
"Perak team trained so hard before the tournament. I'm totally impressed! They were willing to sacrifice their time n etc... however, all their hard work did paid off. We managed to grab 21 medals and all these do not come as free. Sometimes, i just worried about them, scared they'll overworked. Although Perak team can't get overall champion, all of us can see that they did their their best. there was no regret... There should be no tears of sadness... There should only be tears of happiness! ^^

I'm definitely proud of Perak team! Why am i there? Yes, i went there as supporters to support, cheer n shout for them. If there is a machine that allow me to go back to d previous month, I would said YES again to become supporters! I've no regret of it! My heart beat so fast while they're competing. Just shout with all my heart n pray that they'll win in every match. We are together! I made lots of great friends there! Aileen, Ji Ching, Ah Sa, Kar hui, Kar Yee, Dinesh, Ben, Henry, Sook Wan, Henry n etc. Thanks for the great memories! I believe our friendship'll not end there, it's just "endless"! =)

Good job to Team Manager PKC, coach CMK, all participants n supporters! All of us played our role well. Bravo, guys!

We'll come back next year! Just wait for us n I know we can do better next year! Take this as a great experience and I believe with the experience we gained, we'll be the overall champion next year! Cheers!

Love u guys! "

Ms Lee Ji Ching (Supporter)
"being in the a really an eye opening experience for doubt....i never regret for paying juz to cheer and help out in penang....many people ask me whether is it worth it to pay so much for something when there's nothing to do with you....well ...i should prove them'll never know wat you'll get if you dun try.....and nothing comes for free.....if u wanna get should do make it happen.....well....i've got a nice quote from Mr kong....." dont ask wat the association could do for you.....ask wat can you do for the association first".....well in this championship....i saw tears...blood....sweat.....determination....hardwork....beautiful patterns....techniques....n room for improvements....

even though i'm not the partipants this year.....i felt super proud of my PERAK TEAm!!!! they fought till the end ....and never gave up.....this is the spirit that we should have....NEVER GIVE UP......when we have done our one should be blame....dn be sad because it had happy that it had happened.....

before the nationals was those hell-like-training.....i was impressed by some of them who can attend for every training as it was a real hard time...not everyone could withstand it...i could say that behind all those 21 medals that they had won…..was tonnes of perspiration, hard work……determination…..and tears shed……

and here I am today….watching Perak Team glow as brightly as those stars up on the sky…..and I believe one day….they will be the sun…the centre of the universe…..the centre of attraction…..and most of all..the centre of crème de la crème……all the best to you all…and may u all be the overall champion next year!!!!

Luv from me muaks!! "

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