Thursday, December 17, 2009

Testimonials for 2009 National Taekwon-do Championships Pt 3

Ms Khit Kar Hui (Competitor)
"Hmm..champion ship is over..wanna show my gratitude to coach Chen Mun Kit & team manager Poh Keng Chong!! also de supporters..u guys put in effort and all i can say other den thx is still thx =D

I think i love tkd so much is because i always learn from u guys >< kind ="D"><

I admit tat training is tough,but it's worth since we work together and together we share happiness..i miss de national champ so much till i'm sad on de way back =P i never angry with anyone tat scold me..since guidance from u guys really help me =X when i said tat i have no confidence , u guys gave it to me =D thx to all tat correct my pattern..cmk,ban,victor lim,csw,ka chun...dll

I am not satisfy with my result =( and i swear i will do it better !there will be no more last minute and den every training is important..but national training inspired me a lot =D thx coach!!!!!!!!!

I heard tat many of us disappointed since couldn't get a gold..hmm..every game there will be winner and losser,even though we lose de match but our spirit can make us as de next winner.."NO PAIN NO we r growing we r supporting each other" important in my life..without friends there will be no kar hui =D

We have de chance to stand together on stage, to fun in de bus, to gossip during meal, to crazy during night..hope we will appreciate our friendship !!!"

Mr Poh Keng Chong (Team Manager)
"This is my 2nd time managing the Perak team, which was a great experience for me. It was much more different from the 1st time as this time I have to solve many challenges up ahead before and during the tournament. I might be bad tempered at some moments, but I was just in the heat of the monent. Apologies from me.

As in now, I'm still having the thrills from the championship. goosebumps everynow and then. I think this championship we really saw the wonderful changes of the PERAK TEAM. Team spirit was high all the time, cooperations between team members, and the encouragement we gave among each other. Supporters are great too for helping out ME, COACH ( MUN KIT & SOOK WAN) and the team members. We DO, INDEED make up an impression to our exponents. I'm so proud of ourselves.

Last but not least, I wish this is just the beginning of the new PERAK TEAM. They will see a much stronger team in days to come. In our hearts we know we can be champions! GOOD JOB!"

Mr Chai Kok Chin (Competitor)
"Actually, this is a first time to national championship, I get a lot experience at this tournament. At 1st think I realize am I use almost 1 year time to trained my sparring: from(Mr.Sit) to world champ traning, then to national training, that 'coz figth with own guys will feel easier to fight (maybe 放水啦), but until yesterday when I walk inside the battlefield, I feel totaly difference, like (唔系你死,就系我亡),this type of experience I can't find it at our training.........., anyway watch and done is totaly difference, I also thanks for ITF Perak can give me a chance to fight in this tournament, and also Mun Kit teach me a lot technic also, Our Manager Mr. Poh to arrangement, Thanks all.........................."

Ms Emille Leong (Competitor)
"Mr Chen, thanks for giving me a chance to this competition. although i know i did a lot of mistakes over there but you still be patient, much appreciate that and send my apology.
We know nothing is perfect but we do our best. I was enjoying (although i lose) because met all those seniors and masters, that was fun.
I trained a short while since i came back to Ipoh, thus i don't know the girls team well (exclude Candis Chow, haha...). However, we get closer during the tournament and thanks for their helping hand."

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