Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Testimonials for 2009 National Taekwon-do Championships

Suddenly came to my mind to compile a list of testimonials from everyone....participants, coach, team manager and supporters on how they felt, what they learned and saw at the Nationals. Quite a number of them have submitted their testimonials to me and I shall upload them in batches. Some are very touching. I'll upload mine as the last! Enjoy.....

Ms Chow Sook Wan (Competitor & Female Coach)
"I have been through few national tournaments and this is the most exciting because of new events and our close competition with Wilayah for overall champ. It is a pity that we are not able to get overall champ (just distance of one gold) because of some circumstances, but we all know that we are the most all-sided champion!!!"

Ms Vanessa Lim @ Knife Blade Hair (Competitor)
"tis national was a gud experience 4 me...n i gt a bit feel sori tat i cnt help Perak take 1 more gold in self defence routine or individual pattern...tat training sessions was so hard until i almost was gud 4 hapiness moment was when v r cheering 4 our Perak team n v go up stage take some medals...=) "

Mr Ben Chong (Supporter & Cameraman)
" for me i wud say its the feelings from the past has come back...seeing n feeling it LIVE in front of my eyes....the "kik" of TKD is running all over my blood nw....Saw and Learnt for own improvement on the exponents from other state which helps to prep for the next nationals....
1 word to describe;

cheers! "

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