Friday, October 23, 2009

XVI World Taekwon-do ITF Championships

Me posing infront of Okhtinskaya Hotel (More photos in Facebook)

We've all arrive safely....home sweet home....the first thing I had after touching base was Old Town Kopitiam Nasi Lemak....mamamia....haven't had such nice spicy food for almost half a month. Breakfast there daily was Cornflakes, Sausages, Omelette, Ham & Cheese Sandwich and Yoghurt. And dinner daily was cow liver, fish steamed with cheese, stewed beef and tasteless rice. Imagine eating those everyday for half a month. Thank God I'm not a choosy eater. Many of my teammates couldn't stand the food and ate their own instant noodles. Haha!

Here's my summarized report on the championships. Planned to update daily in Russia, but Wi-Fi there was a luxury that we didn't have. So here goes: -

10 Oct 09 - Flew from KL to Singapore, waited a few hours, then flew from Singapore to London, waited for around 5 hours and then flew from London to Russia.

11 Oct 09 - Finally touch down on Pulkovo 2 Airport, St Petersburg. Airport looked small and old. Was transported to Moscow Hotel for registration. After that, we were checked in into Okhtinskaya Hotel. My room was 724 and Jeng Thau was my roommate.

12 Oct 09 - Had early morning outdoor training at 6:30am.....temperature was around 1 Degree Celcius. Was training in winter clothing and shoes. Brrrrr. Was weighed in in the afternoon. Some of the team members had to starve themselves to pass the weighing in and when it was done, they transformed in gluttons and we all had McD....the burgers were yummylicious. Yip Hong was pissed off that his fries and drink were small when he paid the same price as us. Haha! It snowed as we walked from our Hotel to Moscow Hotel. BrrrRRRRrr!

13 Oct 09 - Nothing on today, so it was just training .....outdoors again. Brrrr. It was hard to breathe in the cold weather. Team Manager and Chief Coach left us for the lots drawing.

14 Oct 09 - First Day of Competition. Again, we had training outdoors at 6:30am. First up were Individual and Team Pattern Events. Yip Hong went up first and advanced to the 3rd round where he lost to Japan. Great Job! Then Lyonel went in and he lost to Canada in the first round. We think the loss was not justified....but nothing can be done. Then I went in and lost to Argentina too. A few people told me my technical content and rhythm were better than my opponent, but the Argentinian beat me in Power. Ladies Team Patterns won first round but lost in the 2nd round against Russia (homeground advantage). Hor Kar and Foo Cheng both lost in their first rounds but good job done. Sook Wan managed to advance into the 2nd round where she lost. Kudos! Male Team Patterns were next. It was so unfortunate that Malaysia had to go against DPR Korea. Malaysia lost. Then came the Self Defence Routine events....interesting stuff.

15 Oct 09 - Training in the morning again. Lyonel sparred and won the first round but unfortunately had an accident in the 2nd round and fractured his ankle.....had a walkover. I came up against England and lost whereas Foo Cheng also lost in her first round against Russia. Hor Kar advanced into the 2nd round where she beat Australia in the first round. Great Job!

16 Oct 09 - No training today. Yip Hong, Dinesh, Jeng Thau, Sook Wan and Michelle all lost in their first rounds. Isabella was the star of the day, winning Estonia in her first round, but lost to DPR Korea in the 2nd round. She displayed a great show.

17 Oct 09 - Team Sparring events were held and Malaysian teams all lost in the first round. Highlights of the day were the photograph taking sessions with competitors from different countries. Many wanted to take pics with DPR Korean female competitors but hesitated when one of the team mates were rejected....*sour lemon*. New friends were made....e-mails were exchanged and that showed the strong camaraderie that was formed.

18 Oct 09 - No more competition but began our first day of sightseeing. Some went to museum whereas some went shopping. Things were very expensive.

19 Oct 09 - The whole team went boatriding. Very cold! Later, the whole team took a ride in the underground train. Had to travel almost 60m below ground on an escalator to reach the trains.

20 Oct 09 - Some went to Hermitage Museum whereas the rest went for shopping.

21 Oct 09 - Packed luggage and started journey back to Malaysia.

22 Oct 09 - Finally touchdown on KLIA and rushed to get my dose of Nasi Lemak.

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