Monday, December 7, 2009

Preparation for National Taekwon-do ITF Championships 2009

We had very limited time to prepare for this year's National Championships.....5 weeks if I remember correctly. The state crew consists of myself (Chief Coach), Keng Chong (Team Manager) and Sook Wan (Female Coach). We had to do everything in 5 weeks, which include looking for a large enough centralized training hall, looking for funds, conducting the intensive training and assessments on every participant and looking for a team of supporters to go support.

The team of supporters is very important as we're short in funds and by having some supporters going together in the same bus, we get to cut some costs. I went all out to gather a group of people that have agreed to go as supporters, having telling them the price they'd need to pay. I was relieved that the number of supporters that agreed to go was as planned. However, 1 week before the event, quite a number of them backed out from the plan. That really injected migraines into both Keng Chong and my heads. I guess the only constant in life is change. Nothing is confirmed.

Special thanks goes to Mr Colan Kong in helping us a great deal in getting the spacious Majlis Sukan Negeri hall for centralized training and also some funds from the state association.

5 weeks have passed. Training has ended. I've done my best! It's now time for the participants to get into the ring and show what they have been training all this while.....give it their best shot.

I know you guys can do it. Make us proud! Gambatte! :)

signing off,

Chief Coach for Perak State (2009)

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