Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Update....Finally!

World Championship is 25 days away......the anxiety has not really come to me yet, but I guess the feeling will come for sure in 2 weeks' time. Training's still on, with increasing intensity and aggressiveness and injuries. Just last weekend, I was sparring with this Indian chap. One of his punches if hit accurately at the target can KO a horse, no kidding. He punched me in the chest and til now, I still feel pain on my left chest.....the feeling's like my left lung's punctured, even hurts when I breathe....*OUCH* I guess it's one of the ways to prepare and season us for all the punches and kicks that we'll get at the World Championship.

Team Manager has made it compulsory that we all attend a Master's training in KL this Thursday (17 September 2009). This Master has lots of skilful sparrers in his club. We're going there to be sandbags again. Heh! Not too much injuries, I hope, but I know hope's never a strategy. Will just need to spar the best that I can, keeping in mind of the pointers that the Master has given me.

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