Monday, July 13, 2009

Kejohanan Taekwon-do Antara Sekolah-sekolah Negeri Perak 2009

11 July 2009, Selama, Perak - Around 600 students from the 9 Perak districts participated in the abovementioned championships which commenced at 930am and ended at 1030pm. 3 full buses went from Ipoh with around 90 participants, mostly from SMJK Yuk Choy, SMJK Poi Lam, SMK Ave Maria Convent and SK Yuk Choy Suwa. Participants performed to their best capabilities in Patterns and Free-Sparring events. Organizers did a great job in ensuring no major casualties occurred.
Hmm.... did I just write like a journalist? Hehe! Enough of the serious stuff. Let's switch to blog mode. The championships really had sooooo many participants and not to forget...FLIES! Weather was great as it rained whole day, therefore I could wear my jacket without sweating profusely LOL! I've been bringing students to this Championship for many years and I must say this is the best one.....for many reasons.
Main reason was that I saw lots of great display of technics by Ipoh students, a sign of improvement (kudos instructors and students!).
Results are as follow: -
SMK Ave Maria Convent - 6 Gold Medals
SMJK Yuk Choy - 5 Gold Medals
SMJK Poi Lam - 2 Gold Medals
SK Yuk Choy Suwa - 2 Gold Medals
Great job, everyone! For those who didn't win any medals, take it easy. I can testify to the fact that you did great and I'm proud of each and everyone of you. :) There's always a next time. Start training hard now. The moment you step into the ring, you're already a WINNER, regardless of the end result!
I also saw some students of mine who before this appeared to be as quiet as mice during training. However, during that competition, I saw their true colours. They can be as wild and fun and crazy. YES! Crazy! Haha! Was really surprised by Hoe Yann :P It was great fun. For those that did not go this time, make sure you go for the next one. View the photos to be able to get a bit of that fun feel! :)

Participants from SMK Ave Maria Convent

Crazy shot!

Sunny, Emily & I

Had to do a walking stance =.="

Audrey Chan & I

Hoe Yann got a bit too high after receiving her first ever Gold Medal (many more to come, ok? :) )

Amy gold a Silver Medal for sparring....first time in a tournament...KUDOS! :)

Dilligent umpires at work :)

Newfound fellowship :)

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