Thursday, June 4, 2009

Black Belt Seminar at Cameron Highlands

A Black Belt Seminar was held from 30 May to 1 June in Century Pines Hotel, Cameron Highlands. Over 100 Black Belts from all over Malaysia took part in the seminar. KTV sent around 20 Black Belts, with the youngest being 11 years old. As can be seen from the photos below, all learned a lot, had lots of fun and made lots of new friends.

Activities include TKD training (weapons, falling, fundamentals, discipline, moral culture, reigniting the passion of TKD and lots more......even a basic course on yoga). It was great to be able to learn from so many different experts in their own fields.

There was also an assessment for World Taekwon-do ITF Championships to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia in October 2009. A panel of masters did thorough assessments on world champs wannabes and selected 10 people to represent Malaysia. The best news is.....out of the 10 selected people, SEVEN are from Ipoh, Perak. Woohoo!!!!! Go Perak! :)

The 7 selected people are Chen Mun Kit, Lim Jeng Thau, J. Dinesh, Ban Yip Hong, Har Hor Kar, Isabella Chen and Chow Sook Wan (from Ipoh, Perak). The other 3 are Lyonel Tan and Michelle Lim (from Wilayah Persekutuan KL) and Goh Foo Cheng (from Johor).

We're all very excited about the World Champs and intensive training will start real soon. Meanwhile, generous sponsorship is needed for the whole team. If you know of anyone who can sponsor, do inform us! :)

Mr Colan Kong and Keng Chong demonstrating.

Ice cream at Raju's farm.

Steamboat dinner.

Creative, eh? Mr Colan Kong also in, LOL!

Bunch of posers XD

All Black!

Pre-registration at the lobby.

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