Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taekwon-doist of the Week #5

Name : Alexander Khor

Age : 13

Profession : Student

Grade in TKD : 1st Degree Black Belt

Write-up on TKD : It seems like it was only yesterday when I first started practicing TKD. Similar to Xiu Ming (Taekwon-doist of the week#4), I was transferred from another centre before training under Mr. Chen MK. I started TKD when I was 7-8 years old. It was my mum who somehow dragged me into TKD when she heard the Xiu Ming was learning TKD as well or something like that.. Anyways, Mr.Chen is a great instructor although he can be a little cruel at times. When I transferred to train under Mr.Chen, he pointed out loads mistakes in my patterns such as my stances, especially my L- stance, my unnecessary movements and the most memorable one was when I stamped my feet when I did my pattern.. Thinking back, it was pretty awkward.. I remember getting light injuries every time I went for training when I was about to take my black belt 1st dan. It was after I took my 1st dan that I started to learn to guide juniors and help them in their techniques. Then, together with some of the students from other classes, we went to Selama for a competition in July 2008. There, I learnt many many new skills and techniques that I could use for free sparring. And then there was a demo at Ipoh Parade as I think for the opening of the National Tournament. That kinda completes my experience in TKD with lots and lots of missing details but hey, u can’t describe them all can u? So, in conclusion, TKD’s a great sport. So, for any people hesitating to join TKD ITF, my advice to you is, “GO AHEAD!” Believe me, you won’t regret it. And especially when you join Mr. Chen’s class (Anyhow he’s still my instructor.. I should help him out..) Haha..

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