Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taekwon-do Seminar in Langkawi

27 & 28 May 2011 - A Taekwon-do ITF Seminar was conducted in Langkawi. The Organizer, Kapt (R) Rosly Ahmad (Chief Instructor of Langkawi ITF) invited Senior Master Mohd Azwan Khoo VIII, Mr Kenneth Khoo VI & Mr Chen Mun Kit to be the trainers in the seminar.

Approximately 100 Langkawi Taekwon-do practitioners participated in the seminar, ranging from yellow belts to Black Belt 3rd degree holders. The students were extremely passionate and hungry for knowledge.  The trainers had an awesome time teaching.

On 27 May evening, a black belt upgrading test was conducted by Senior Master Mohd Azwan Khoo VIII for 15 people. While the grading was being conducted, around 30 black belts were training with Mr Chen Mun Kit on how to perfect pattern techniques and self defence techniques with Mr Kenneth Khoo. The training lasted for 2 hours.

Seminar on 28 May started as early as 830am with Senior Master Mohd Azwan Khoo VIII taking all 100 participants through fundamental hand and leg techniques. Later, the participants were separated into 3 groups, the most junior group on Basic Step Sparring (by SM Mohd Azwan Khoo), the intermediate group on Self Defence (by Mr Kenneth Khoo) and the black belts on Free Sparring (by Mr Chen MK).

All participants enjoyed the session. The Organizer was so impressed and happy with the seminar that they intend to make this an annual event and promised to fill the hall with 200 participants in the next one.

Yours in Taekwon-do

Chen Mun Kit IV

Feedback from Seminar Participants: -

"An event that is beneficial & useful to me in learning taekwon-do. It should be made an annual event because there are many techniques that should be mastered by trainees by learning from seniors.Good luck .Tunjuk Ajar ku sifu." Cikgu Muhammad Pudzi Ismail 

"that seminar has helped me a lot on techniques for pattern,sparring and self-defense. i managed to get lots of updates about the correct and latest techniques." Siti Alifah Zakaria

"programe berjalan lancar and best sangat sebab dapat tunjuk ajar dari master azwan khoo,sir chen Mun kit and sir kenneth.yang paling best dapat ubah style yang betul yang selama ni salah ...then...seminar ni jugak patut diadakan setiap tahun untuk meningkatkan lagi taraf kelayakan 'black belt' supaya serasi dengan ITFM..so,lastly i hope this progrme can be active 4 every years .thnkx sir('',)" Atikah bt Rashid

"During our normal training, we only have a limited time to separate every single belt. But on this seminar session you guys can manage to separate every single belt with their own motion. which is we get more attention for the detail movement & we can spend more time to do more repeating. Beyond the expectation. Thank you all." Izanizam b Ismail

Seminar trainers at Subang Airport

Group photo after upgrading test

SM Mohd Azwan Khoo & Wife

Mr Chen MK explaining about Patterns

Mr Chen MK demonstrating a technique

SM Mohd Azwan Khoo performing a kick

SM Mohd Azwan Khoo teaching juniors

Participants trying out techniques

Participants listening intently

Group Photo after Day 2

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