Monday, July 27, 2009

Training for World Championships

Have been training for 2 weeks in a row and I'd like to do some ranting here.

World Championships is in October 2009 and we have less than 3 months to train. We train 12 hours per week.....6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Imagine how tiring that is, plus the coaches really grill us to perfection. I sweat profusely everytime and drink more than 3litres of water per session....imagine that. Hundreds of stationary and flying punches (those not powerful enough to be considered by the coach are not counted), Thousands of kicks, kilometers of running on hard ground barefooted, hundreds of push ups and sit ups...................I begin to think that I'm Bionic Man. The tailor-made in hell training that I just mentioned is for ONE session only, and not for the whole week. WOW!

I've been torturing my students with these before but didn't imagine myself having to go through all that you know how we always blame our age for being more relaxed and train less hard. I'm 28 this year, y'know......and training alongside 21 and 22 yr olds really give me some pressure. Need to work doubly hard to be able to cope with the stamina of these young people.

Saturday night, I was assigned to spar with these handsome lad from KL who has represented Malaysia many times in World Championships. He's one of the best fighters in Malaysia. After 4 minutes in the ring with him, I endured many of his powerful punches and dizzy from his punches and he gave me a kick to the solar plexus so hard that I was unable to breathe for around 30 seconds. Shucks! Haven't had that feeling for a long time. (Set a goal to not lose so many points the next round I spar with him :D )

One of the things that frustrate me most is my coach telling me to gain 4kgs so that I can fight in a higher weight category. I was like.....WTH! I'm 65kg now and they want me to increase my weight to 69kg. Do they expect me to eat McDonalds or KFC each day to gain more fat? How would that extra weight from fat be able to help me fight faster and harder? If they're referring to an increase in muscles.....a 4kg increase of muscles in 2 months sounds very much impossible to me.

Alright, ranting time's over. :) Time to focus back on mental conditioning and do some physical conditioning when my sore muscles are more mobile (now I walk like an old man).

Actually, the training's fun and enjoyable though sometime frustrating and torturing, but we know what the Coaches do are for the best. :) Just had to find a channel to vent my frustrations, that's all.

Til then, wish me luck in my next training. =D

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