Saturday, May 2, 2009

2009 H2 Full of Activities

My God.....we have got SOOOO many activities on the plate for all members that I don't know how to start listing them....Hmmm.....let's see....

30 May - 1 June : Black Belt Convention in Cameron Highlands

2 June - 9 June : Martial Arts Festival in Kinta City

25 June - 28 June : Kejohanan Seni Mempertahankan Diri Kebangsaan in Kelantan

11 July : Kejohanan TKD Antara Sekolah-sekolah Perak in Selama

12 Oct - 17 Oct : 16th World TKD Championships in St Petersburg, Russia

Not forgetting some other programs that are on the drawing board now. We most certainly need more people to show up and offer to contribute for the growth of TKD ITF in Ipoh. For starters, we need more black belts to start promoting the art by being Assistant Instructors as we plan to expand, Expand, EXPAND! Sounds so exciting. Makes me think about resigning from my job and teach TKD full-time, LOL!

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