Monday, March 16, 2009

Taekwon-doist of the Week

Every week, we'll do our best to have a write-up about ONE member of Kelab Taekwon-do Visi (ITF). I guess I'll start the ball rolling.

Name : Chen Mun Kit

Age : 27+

Profession : Civil Engineer

Grade in TKD : 4th Degree Black Belt

Write-up on TKD : I started TKD back in 1994, with 2 simple objectives, to follow my best friend and also because it looked cool. I look at TKD as more than just a Martial Art. To me, it is a way of life. Special gratitude must go to my Instructor, Mr Colan Kong (6th Degree Black Belt) for giving me guidance and the opportunity to run my own class. I started teaching TKD in 1999 as an assistant to him. Now, I've started my own TKD Club named Kelab Taekwon-do Visi (ITF). As the name suggests, I have a VISION to achieve, which is to promote the art of TKD ITF to ALL, regardless of age, gender and race. In terms of personal development, it has shaped me into a more disciplined leader. If I wasn't an instructor, I can't imagine myself standing in front of 40 over people and giving instructions. I enjoy coaching and the best prize you get is when your students change for the better, be it technically in TKD or being a more disciplined person. I have been able to touch the lives of hundreds of people through TKD and TKD shall forever be part of my life! :)

Me performing flying kicks at a much younger age. :)

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