Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Activity - Mr Sitt's Birthday + SPM Higher Achievers Celebration

We had a small celebration at Old Town Kopitiam Ampang with a small group.
Underaged girl :P

The girl with 11A's

The girl with 10A's decades ago..haha

The girl with 11A1's....congrats!

Mr Wan KS, the guy who encourages and motivates us (Thanks KS!)

Jeng Thau got laughed at by many ppl after seeing his Form 3 Photo XD

Waited a few hours for this guy to finally come and eat his cake....

The only pic with so many ppl in it....LOL

Sitt wearing my glasses, pretending to be the studious type :P

The not-so-delish cake.

Sitt showing a surprised look that we got him a cake.


  1. OMG! Sitt with glasses looks like PKC's brother!! lol :-p

  2. y u go and post that ugly photo of mine??? URGH!!!! wanna give you another punch on your left eye!! that it is balance...